The Taste Experience

Wine should be a sensory exploration that is not told to you - but discovered with you


The Experiences

Our immersive wine experiences ensure you can throw an approachable wine tasting soiree. We create the tools to help you pick out the wine, pair it, invite friends; and we’ll come with a dose of knowledge, experience enhancers, and a dash of fairy dust help make your event unforgettable.

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About us

As kinesthetic and visual learners who are mildly obsessed with experiencing wine, the traditional form of being told what to think didn’t work for us.  We wanted to build something that was centered around everyday interesting people drinking everyday interesting wines. 

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Tasting Notes

We like our own tasting experiences as much as we like creating them with you!  We hope our own sense of adventure comes through in our work.  Read more for updates.  And cheers to all the kitchens, neighborhoods, and towns that welcome us in so we can experience this life through so many lenses!

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The Taste Experience provides what you need to throw an amazing wine tasting experience – nothing more and nothing less.  We aren’t the experts – we’re just the right dose of curious and versed to help you strike the balance between interesting; experiential; and just plain fun. Your Wine. Your Home. Your Way.


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