Jenny Erickson, Wine Geek

I’m not an expert and that is what makes me different. I am an enthusiast with a solid knowledge base in wine that I grow every month.I have my Level 2 WSET Award in Wine & Spirit.

I’ve been gifted with a decent palette, a high level of energy, and a flair for the arts.  As a project manager, I apply a dose of simple organization that takes the stress out of event planning.  I have been sensing my way through wine for over 10 years and in the last 5 years my enthusiasm has turned into an obsession.  Every time I sit down with anyone else I learn more about the drink in front of me and about the person across from me.  And THAT is why I love this work.

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The Taste Experience provides what you need to throw an amazing wine tasting experience – nothing more and nothing less.  We aren’t the experts – we’re just the right dose of curious and versed to help you strike the balance between interesting; experiential; and just plain fun. Your Wine. Your Home. Your Way.


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