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Here’s a few commonly asked questions we get about who we are and what we do.

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Nice words, but what do you actually

You can find more details on our services page.  As a reminder – you are the host so our offerings complement you.  They start at the most basic support and step up from there.

The baseline of all our experiences are:

  • Tasting consultation – to help you pick out themes and get the most out of your event

  • Checklists, planning and menu guides – tools to make planning and execution easier on your busy schedule and help you with pairing

  • Additional resources – Interesting articles and materials to complement your topic of interest

What we’re most known for is our:

  • Custom educational content – to support your sensory experience and help you quickly make sense of all the information in a low stress way

If you’re local to the Twin Cities, we can:

  • Provide onsite experience support – answering questions and helping guide your guests through the experience in a low-pressure way

We are also working on expanding our offerings more to come soon on those!

why don't you offer All-inclusive tasting experiences?

There are experts on the market who are well trained and well traveled and can purchase the wine, taste it, describe it to you and all the history around it.  They should be your go-to contacts if that’s your jam and we’re happy to get you their information if that’s your interest!

We believe there’s something about the accessibility and the unpredictability of letting your guests and your own creativity organically create that process and we want to help you do that without getting in your way.  Instead of predicting the wines and having someone describe what they already tasted, we’re more interested in what you think about the wines, the travel you and your friends have had, and the experiences you bring to the table that make the experience different each and every time. 

what forum Is your consultation in?

Video calls or direct phone calls are the quickest way to get on each other’s calendars.   We schedule evening and day time consultations so  we can work around your busy schedule.

What areas do you service for the in-Person tasting support?

We’re happy to go anywhere in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.  If you want us to venture beyond that we will definitely consider it, just contact us!

what makes your education content so great?

Have you ever walked into a wine class or tasting room and been given a bunch of sheets with different information on it that you were rifling through as the class was happening?  That’s not us.

In less than 10 pages we will tell you a story and give you the facts you need to know to connect the dots between what you’re experiencing and what you’re learning with no stress.  Our custom developed content highlights the interesting and the important on each major categorization of wine you will be drinking in a cohesive way and culminates in a one-page tasting grid so your guests can enjoy the thrill of a blind face-off to try and guess what everyone is drinking.

People have told us things like, “I have never learned that much about a grape in a tasting or class” or “the only reason I was able to guess so many wines is your tasting guides”.  What makes it better?  These were facilitation-light parties.  The guests led the charge. Armed with good content and great company – it’s amazing the experience that your crew will create!

So are you sommeliers?

In our opinion, a sommelier is a state of mind, an obsession and a passion with all things wine (and in some cases that extends to spirits, beer, and even cigars; in many cases it also extends to the art of pairing those things with food).  

All our educators hold a minimum of WSET Level 2 Wine & Spirits certification which has since been replaced by the award in wines only. We will not be the most well-versed wine experts you’ve ever encountered. If you want that, there are better places to go!

We are regular people who have taken classes, passed a few tests and are constantly pursuing education and travel in wine.  We’ve had jobs in the wine industry; but aren’t sommeliers at major restaurants.  And we’re okay with all that.  We don’t want to tell you what to think; we want to help you discover your own language in wine and learn for yourself what you love about it and what you don’t love about it.  After all this is your wine,your home, and your way

what forms of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards are accepted. E-commerce and e-scheduling capabilities are coming soon to make the experience even easier!



The Taste Experience provides what you need to throw an amazing wine tasting experience – nothing more and nothing less.  We aren’t the experts – we’re just the right dose of curious and versed to help you strike the balance between interesting; experiential; and just plain fun. Your Wine. Your Home. Your Way.


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