Little Indulgences

I feel insanely lucky to be here tonight – at this keyboard, ready to officially welcome The Taste Experience to life.  And I’m not going to welcome it with a bang, but with the quiet simplicity this night deserves.

I held a casual party recently, one with friends.  We had a few bottles of Bordeaux and representations of the grapes of Bordeaux from around the world. Cabernet Sauvignon, the well known workhorse; Merlot, the elegant lady in red; Cabernet Franc, the spicy old lady with a sharp tongue; Petit Verdot, all elegant florals in inky richness; Malbec and Carménère the famous transplants who both find their primary home beyond the confines of France these days.

Tonight, I get to to savor the leftovers which meant a little bit of blending fun.  I had this fabulous berry heavy-Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles that needed just a little bit of oomph so I mixed in a decent amount of Cabernet Franc that was similar in profile but with more earth tones, more pepper, and less berry.  The two are heavenly together.

So as I enjoyed my unofficial blend on a perfectly lazy evening, binge watching TV on Netflix like half of the world out there in a space of quiet unusual on a weekend evening – I felt perfectly normal. Extraordinarily normal. And I loved it.

Life’s little indulgences are why I love wine.  To each person wine is its own thing – all perspectives real and valid – like art.  To me, it is not about rigid tasting notes peppered with objects that happen to taste like something….  Wine is about about emotions, story lines, and musical interludes that dance and sing and play.  When I stop, listen and enjoy I slow down to one of life’s gorgeous indulgences, that has become and obsession….  Wine.

That is why I can’t wait to bring the Taste Experience to you.  Your definition of a little indulgence might be completely different than mine or not so different; and that unpredictability is where the magic is.



The Taste Experience provides what you need to throw an amazing wine tasting experience – nothing more and nothing less.  We aren’t the experts – we’re just the right dose of curious and versed to help you strike the balance between interesting; experiential; and just plain fun. Your Wine. Your Home. Your Way.


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